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Esigning a solution for clients can be an arduous and lengthy business. Specifications, drawings, meetings and budgets all take up time. Architects come across daily challenges that add time and cost to any project.

Fresh Outdoor understands this well and make sure architects lives more accessibly by providing coherent solutions of modern pergola design. We strive towards building effective partnerships that allow us to draw on our considerable experience that everyone across our fields will benefit from.

Modern Pergola Design



Fresh outdoor has the experience and tools to help you become a successful business partner. Taking all the advantage of working under the umbrella of a large systematic market leading company

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• Multi-Page Brochures and single Page Flyers
• Constant job leads generation
• A proven business model with all the legal procedures
• Finished Product Photography and Testimonial


• Professional drafting and engineering service
• Frequent product training
• Telephone or Online Support
• Comprehensive Technical Documentation

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Fresh Outdoor is one of the global leading manufacturers for carports, pergola, and enclosure . Covering residential and commercial, we create products from the ground up with the highest standards. Fresh Outdoor has the right solution for your outdoor living needs.

It could be new construction or retrofit, we enrich our product with marketing, service, and fast turn around times to make you successful along with the entire phases of a project.

Fresh Outdoor – your preferred partner for carports, pergola, and enclosure needs. Would you please work with us and become a part of our most valued network team?